The composition of the Soimy-II has been substantially updated

The composition of the Soimy-II has been substantially updated

The problem with unscrupulous deputies was sharply before the first hundredth. Due to the low activity of deputies, their number was decided to reduce from 55 to 30. But this, as the time showed, turned out to be insufficient.

The second convocation of almost 30% of the deputies after the success in the elections suddenly realized that it is not interesting for them and they have no free time to serve the people of Weimar and their voters in particular…

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Other, more responsible MPs, decided to put this end once and for all, was originally adopted by the law of JSB Soimy Weishnorym, and in a few votes was made by the decision of the JSB Zamjasper Vybizhyh dèputataŭ for which, all unscrupulous deputies were They were sent to rest, and their place was occupied by the Advisory Committee (the opposition), in accordance with the electoral rating.

Thus, the MPs of the Soimy-II deputies are removed from the work:

Vadzim iossub

Rusła Kanavałaū

Valery Simonov

Andrey Strizhak

Andrey Spiderman

Kotka Veyshnorka

Makśim Ćichanaū

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Tu spe

The opposition (advisory), which replaced the explosive:

Dźianis Radvilovič

Pavel Martynau

Daniil German

Yaroslav Golovchenko

Mikita Krasnakucki

Oleg Yhimovich

Paviel Bierahovič

Uladzìslaŭ navažylaŭ