Soim II: Review the Order of the second session

Soim II: Review the Order of the second session

The formation of the order of the second session of the Thessalonians was radically different from forming the order first. There were neither conflicts, nor ardent discussions about edits, nor other activity. What is not surprising, considering the set-up schedule of work, which contradicts the law. In fact, deputies forced to work in the midst of New year holidays, so some important bills have made a hurry, Nedopracovanimi and in the last minutes.

Order of the second session:

JSB Prыchnichno Chancellor of Soimy-II

The bill would have to be passed in the first session, but the deputies were taken into the law, explaining the office’s duties and describing the work. The document has all chances to be accepted, because it is supported by the faction “center of Wirth-real” and LDPV, and a handful of extrafaction deputies.

JSB Reklymanthis Soim-II

This draft law deputies decided to settle in the end, their work schedule, so that the next time they did not have to write laws or lying under the Christmas tree or a New Year’s table, we hope that this time the pelvis will meet them.

AB Zamjasper vybochnyh dèputataŭ

The resolution of the “Virtu-RAL” is made Dziadok Arseny, which should start the mechanism of dismissal from the occupied posts of Deputies and appointment to their place “advisory-opposition”. We remind that at once 6 deputies of the Thessalonians II have never voted for draft laws, and the two MPs said they are retired by their own desires…

JSB ministve Indphartыnai Paltiki

The draft law should settle the work of the Ministry of Information Policy (Other names: information policy and popularization, popularization and PR, propaganda). In short, the new ministry should ensure the influx of new residents to Weimar and the protection of internal information space from hostile propaganda.

B. A. Abran’ni, the minister of Heart attacks

Immediately after the law on the Ministry of Information policy MPs shall try to elect his head. With high probability, the Minister may become a single contender, a deputy of the faction of the LDPV koblents Mykhailo.

AB Abran’ni v. A. Minister Kan

Talks about the Ministry of Culture last for the second year. This ruling MPs are moving from words to deeds. At different times, the post of the Minister of Culture has claimed several candidates, it is difficult to predict who this time he is nominated and who will support his votes.

Bills that do not fall into the order of the session:

JSB dыyaspary

AB Zamonichni vybыvyh dèputataŭ