First steps of the Soimy-II

First steps of the Soimy-II

To begin with, it is necessary to note-the warehouses of Soimy I and II were formed in very different conditions. A year ago, elections took place on the wave of feverish excitement, a huge number of candidates with populist programs. Then there were the first, not quite consecutive attempts, to organize a virtual state building. But since, the development of a full-fledged platform Weishinuria tightened, Soim and began his work for 2-3 months later. In part, the wavelet activity has decreased by order.

The first MPs tried the legislative bread, and realized it was a boring and ungrateful affair. As a result, preparation of documents and participation in votes was worsened with every session.

The present deputies, in large part, became a couple of people that sprouted from the grain of previous soimy. Accordingly, experience and Hart allow to hope for greater efficiency, stability and consistency of work. The MPs-Pershakky also proved to be not weaker and already. What has become noticeable from the first vote. All the documents were accepted with participation of the majority of deputies.

Also important influence on quality of legislative activity was activation of intellectual center “virt-Real”. The members of the organization prepared bills in advance, planned the order of the session and actively carried out the necessary edits.

And now to Concretics

1. The Law of the Republic of Weimar “AB Uradze”-№ 99/C2-1-1 from 19.12.2018/This Law cancels “polonzhenie on the crutches of wavelet” № 35/C1-2-1 of 04.04.2018.

Soimy-and it was accepted to ensure that the mechanism of creation of new ministries, but also insufficient status of the document and the low level of processing required its improvement and complement, with the increase in the status of the law.

2. Act AB Tluzeyni razizzlu VI kandytutskii vešnoryi-№ 91/C2-1-2 from 21.12.2018/concerning the detailed description of the procedure of making amendments to the Constitution of Weishnorii

This act was proposed for the reason that there were disputes about the chapter VI of the Constitution concerning the procedure of changes and additions to the text of the Constitution. Antagonism was never overcome, so as a result of the document was passed, but only a simple majority-to the constitutional not enough three votes.

3. The Law of the Republic of Weishnoria “JSB soimy”-№ 101/C2-1-3 from 23.12.2018

So it happened that Soimy-and did not care to legalize their own activity. Accordingly, the more experienced and purposeful composition of Soi II immediately took the case. In the text of the law there was an important norm on the possibility of substitution of the deputy in case of ignoring his duties, on the closest to the electoral rating of the Soimy (in the wording of the Constitution-a representative of the opposition). If this principle is applied, in the nearest future, those from candidates who have not enough to become MPs will be able to join the legislative activity.

4. The Law of the Republic of Weimar “O mynysterstve Cultural, education and science”-№ 103/C2-1-4 from 26.12.2018

Today the current in Weimar is considered to be the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the same time, a variety of wavelet polls indicate the need to intensify the Ministry of Culture. Deputies closely followed the polls and offered a relevant draft law, adding to it two more important areas-education and science.

5. The Constitution of Wavelet (Editorial II)-№ 104/C2-1-5 from 28.12.2018/technical correction № 1 to the Weibull Constitution (correction of numbers and errors)

Given the fact that there has been a significant rift in the environment of deputies regarding the procedure for amending the Constitution, this item was adopted in a very cautious technical edition. As a result, contradictions between the constitution and new laws remained unresolved.

6. The Law of the Republic of Weishnoria “on the office of the Soimy”-№ 92/C2-1-6 from 30.12.2018

It is an extremely important law to settle the work of the Thessalonians. Also caused the objection of some deputies, who claimed the possibility of usurpation by the Chancellor of some powers of the Thessalonians-II. However, this law was successfully passed, the more so that it was only the pre-trial of the law “Law on the students, the compliance and rights of the Secretary of the Thessalonians”.

It is worth adding that during the first session 6 deputies of the Thessalonians ignored all voting. Therefore, perhaps in the near future we will see the process of transformation of the advisory-opposition to the full-fledged deputy of the soimy. Wait for the left quite long!